Synthetic Field Services

Synthetic fields can be an important component of an institution’s athletic facilities. Since 2004, Championship Turf Services has been providing maintenance programs for synthetic fields in addition to managing natural surfaces.

Despite their appearance, synthetic fields are not “maintenance free.” Over time, debris builds up on a synthetic field, compaction and migration of the infill material occurs, and the carpet fibers lay down, reducing the field’s lifespan and making athletes more susceptible to injury.

Our program starts with a thorough field analysis. We examine your current maintenance practices and overall turf and fiber condition, test surface hardness, measure infill depth, inspect seam and inlay, and identify any hazardous conditions. From this report we develop a program specific to your turf. We can provide a full range of services or supplement your maintenance crew by providing the services you can’t perform.

Services include:

  • Decompacting for increased shock adsorption, better drainage, optimum leveling
  • Brooming and leveling for maximum playability and wear resistance, consistent infill depth and play characteristics
  • Deep turf cleaning — remove broken down fibers, organic debris and metal objects left in turf
  • Surface hardness testing — Clegg Impact Hammer before and after with report
  • Infill replenishment
  • Seam and inlay repair
  • Field layout and lining/logo painting
  • Snow removal