Championship Turf Services specializes in the construction, renovation and maintenance of high performance athletic fields. As a unique blend of agronomist and contractor, we can assist with all facets of planning, designing, building, and maintaining your sports fields.

Athletic Field Construction

A sports field constructed by Championship Turf Services will not only look great, it will also perform to exacting standards.

Field Renovation

Renovating your field can alleviate damaged, unhealthy, or poorly constructed playing surfaces. We can service all of your needs whether you need to improve drainage, fix problem areas, or completely reshape your field.

Rejuvenation & Repair

We can repair worn or compacted areas, correct drainage or grading problems, and provide a variety of surface treatments to bring new life to your fields.

Athletic Field Management

Keeping your turf in top condition over the long term requires timely and appropriate maintenance.

Synthetic Field Services

Synthetic turf fields require regular maintenance to maximize their safety, playability and longevity.

Field Lining and Logos

Our field specialists will make your field game-day ready…and visually stunning.

Sports Field Analysis & Consulting

Championship Turf Services can help your landscape architect or other decision-makers in the planning and agronomic analysis stages of a sports field project.

Infield Services

Infield renovations can enhance the drainage and playability of your clay surfaces.